Goodwei Japanese Matcha Tea Ceremony Duo-Set for Two with Chasentate (Goma)

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Brand: Goodwei

Color: Goma


  • 2 handmade matcha bowls (chawan) made of ceramic, approx. 180 ml, diameter: 10.8 cm, height: 6.0 cm.
  • Matcha Brush with 80 Bristles, Bamboo
  • Ceramic broom holder in matching design.
  • Bamboo Matcha Spoon for Portioning Matcha Powder (1g per spoon)
  • Free Gift Box

Package Dimensions: 124x237x660

Details: Beautiful matcha set for two people made from high-quality components: the two ceramic matcha bowls are handmade and therefore none of the others, slight differences and variations from the photo are unavoidable. The earth brown-speckled glaze with a fine gloss and grey-green accents guarantees a truly unique piece.

The matcha brush made of bamboo, also known as Chasen, is an indispensable accessory for preparing matcha tea. It has 80 bristles and allows the matcha tea to be beaten with a firm and attractive foam.

The set is complemented by the matcha spoon “Chashaku”. It is the traditional tool to remove matcha powder from the container in the correct dosage.

The set is rounded off by the broom holder (“Chasentate”). On it, the broom is pressed upside down to dry, which benefits both its shape and durability.


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